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[07.15.18 at 8:46p]


hey all! i'm super stoked about this character, so i wanted to come in here real quick and see if i could get some possible connections for her. this is natalie sexton, younger sister to [info]anastasiyar who has been in san fran for about a year and a half (ish) now. she's currently working as a nighttime news anchor at KPIX, though she dabbles in a lot of things journalism/writing related, including running her blog that she's had for about three years now. so, she might be at least noticeable through that if nothing else. california is somewhere new for her. she's all about spending time around the water and such when the weather permits. being that she's a local-ish figure now, she does go to a lot of events around the city, including sporting things. be warned now, she's a yankees fan and will playfully bicker with anyone about it. it's harmless. because she spent the most consistent time in new york, she likes most new york teams.

i'd love to work out anything you want to throw at me! neighbors, people she might know through work (interviews or whatnot), new friends, maybe a former date or two for fun, anyone who enjoys going to the movies that she might run into frequently, or whatever other randomness we can come up with!
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Being a sloth this Monday, what are you doing? [07.09.18 at 9:19p]

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