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[04.21.18 at 9:31a]


happy saturday! hello everyone! i'd like to introduce you guys to tamara bethany taylor, or tammy for short. she's twenty-five and a virgo. originally from miami, tammy moved to san francisco to work as a nail tech at a salon. growing up, she was heavily involved in ballet, and indulges her urge to dance on weekends. for a while she thought art be her ticket to a better future, and went on to do a few semesters at a parsons in new york before she realized that she wasn't cut out for that. during her down time she tends to watch films, play games, read, or hit up a few bars for a drink and some conversation. when she isn't in the mood to go out, you'd probably find her binge watching episodes of the bad girls club, or some other type of reality tv show. overall, tamara is a laid back and goofy girl who needs anything you guys have to offer! best friends, acquaintances, an ex, she's pretty much a blank slate in terms of relationships! i'd also like to find the person who encouraged her to move to san francisco.
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[04.11.18 at 1:02a]


hello! i just brought this adam driver in with tonight's adds. he plays for the sf giants with the credits of buster posey. he's been in san francisco since 2009 and is originally from south jersey. other than that, he's a pretty blank slate. if you want, there some info up in his screened. i'd love any kind of lines you can throw at me!
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