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[01.29.20 at 8:16p]
aviate . navigate . intoxicate

b. 08-11-72
almost always jim
mh-65 aircraft commander
operations officer, uscg air station san fransico
required to wear glasses when flying; refuses to wear them most otherwise
father of two: noah (9) and chloe (12). both live with their mother full time in savannah, ga

single af.

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[01.28.20 at 8:47p]
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what are your weekend plans? [05.27.18 at 8:34p]

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[03.04.18 at 9:55p]

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#sarpocylpse [02.17.18 at 5:37p]
Someone please shoot me. And for the love of God, please stay. the. Fuck. Off. The. Water.
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what do you miss? [02.05.18 at 9:47p]

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